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15 Nov 2015

Aerobotika’s UAV Ground School Declared Compliant

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Aerobotika is now the second organization in Canada to become a compliant training provider. Being granted this status by Transport Canada further solidifies Aerobotika’s position as leader in unmanned systems training Canada wide.

What does this really mean? It means that our ground school was written specifically to the TP 15263 Pilot Knowledge Requirements standards that were released by Transport Canada late in 2014. Although we had built the training to meet the standards back in 2014, Transport Canada did not have the ability to declare compliant until just weeks ago.

TP 15263 is a training standard provided by Transport Canada that was based on the recommendations of an industry working group run by Unmanned Systems Canada. This standard is set to ensure that UAV pilots are trained to understand airspace, laws, and other critical factors with regards to the safe operation of UAVs in Canada.