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8 Sep 2016

Aerobotika joins forces with Northern Lakes College to provide live online UAV training

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The Aerobotika team is proud to announce the launch of our new online training program with Northern Lakes College Live Online. The courses are designed to replicate the courses you would receive in-house.

The first online offering is our Ground School:

This course provides training for UAV Theory, Flight and Operations. This in-depth theoretical background provides a solid foundation for operating commercially over diverse Canadian terrain, airspace and environments.

You will learn how to:

•           Read meteorological reports and interpret weather systems

•           Understand applicability of regulations

•           Communicate effectively with NavCanada

•           Read aeronautical charts to interpret terrain and airspace information

•           Identify components of unmanned aircraft and their importance to the system as a whole

•           Understand theory of flight in regard to fixed wing, multirotor and helicopter aircraft

•           Identify human factors and their role in conducting safe operations

•           Apply for a Special Flight Operation Certificate and what information to include

•           Apply for an Industry Canada Restricted Operator Certificate with Aeronautical qualification


•           Carry out a safe commercial operation

There will be 4 online multiple choice quizzes at the completion of each section. They consist of the four main Transport Canada knowledge requirement sections – Navigation, Law, Meteorology and General Knowledge.  The final exam covers all discussed topics with a required pass mark of 60%.

 Although Transport Canada (TC) has yet to release the regulations and standards for the issuance of a Pilot Permit for small UAV operation, a comprehensive list of required knowledge has been published. Participants who have completed ground school training on these required knowledge topics by a compliant training organization, and who meet the other outlined requirements, are recognized by Transport Canada as pilots of UAV systems. The benefits of this recognition are valuable to companies as TC recognized pilots can avoid fines by knowing and understanding regulations, receive expedited or blanket Special Flight Operation Certificates, and promote their business as a quality trained professional.

The second course is our Learn Before You Fly: 

You’ve got the drone, but do you know the rules?  Keep yourself, others and aircraft safe and Learn Before You Fly.

You’ll learn how to:

·         Follow Canadian Aviation Regulations

·         Find safe airspace to fly in

·         Know what weather is safe for flight

·         Stay safe while having fun

This course is for anyone 12 years and older who needs to know more about the rules for flying a UAV (drone).

Our third course is our Drone Skills Session:

Learn to fly an unmanned aircraft in a safe, indoor environment.  Whether it’s your first flight or you have some time on the sticks, training with a seasoned instructor will give you the skills and confidence to fly safely for fun or work!

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