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19 Oct 2016

Supercharging productivity in the drone world

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Hear what and Microsoft Office 365 had to say about us:

Aerobotika is a startup based out of Vancouver that specializes in high-tech drone services, racing, and regulation. They help identify opportunities for companies to leverage drone technology for their services, in addition to providing premium flying services and training.

As a small team with limited resources, time is of the essence for them. Previously, they were facing collaborative issues with their meetings, being unable to set concrete agendas and identify actionable follow-ups.

This led to a lack of clarity on who was responsible for what, and were looking to maximize their efficiency with their already maxed out resources.

With a globally distributed team that does racing and training all around the world, coordinating such efforts thus took far too much time and energy, hindering their ability to quickly accomplish action items pertaining to their many drone-related initiatives.

Read the full Interview here.

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