Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Through our sister company Pivotal UXS we provide consulting services to many Canadian and international organizations to build out entire drone programs and setup new drone based companies. 

Our consulting staff are among the most experienced drone experts in the industry.

Pivotal UXS, an Aerobotika Company

Out consultants work with your business to integrate drones into your operations. 

Drones can be an incredible tool to help your company save time and money or keep your employees safely on the ground Pivotal and Aerobotika’s consultants will work with your orgnization to make drones part of your day to day business. 

Our program development methodology and process has been tried and tested by some of the largest organizations in Canada and around the world. We have built programs with hundreds of pilots and dozens of drones in multinational organizations.

Some of the components of a our program development offering

  • Evaluate drones as solution for your organization
  • Report on industry trends and evaluate industry practices
  • Recommend drone based solutions based on your customer’s needs and ROI
  • Build and test hardware, software, and procedure solutions

You already have an idea and maybe even some drone experience. We have helped over 200  small companies get started right from scratch. We have experience taking you through every stage of getting your company setup including the following areas.

  •  Incorporation and legal agreements
  • Business process development
  • Sales systems and processes
  • Marketing and advertising setup
  • Product development

Having a well developed and well documented program is great. Making sure that it is compliant with regulations and that your staff are following the guidelines is critical to ensuring that the program runs as it should be. 

  • Quarterly and annual audits and assessments
  • Skills assessments
  • Documentation reviews
  • Log reviews
  • Procedure reviews
  • ROI and efficiency assessments

Good documentation is a critical part to any drone program. Good documents are just as important as part of your kit as the drone itself. Documentation can ensure that your operations are compliant, consistent across all pilots, and can make on-boarding new pilots easier.

  • Company Operations Manual (COM)
  • Procedures Manual
  • Training Manual
  • Checklists
  • Forms

Our documentation services can be based on templates and best practices to provide you with a quick and industry standard solution or can be completely custom written through a deep consultative process.

We work with you to build in depth procedures to get drone based solutions to your clients. Whether it is a procedure to capture and process LiDAR data, to provide security services, or to shoot film and T.V., we work with your team and experienced industry practitioners to create repeatable, efficient, and intelligent processes. 

This is a custom engagement that is very in depth and deeply analyzes your business goals to ensure that drones are the put to work intelligently