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Nov 30, 2019
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Aerobotika’s ground school is designed to give you the knowledge to pass both the BASIC and ADVANCED Transport Canada RPAS Exams. This course covers all of the knowledge that you need and includes several other resources to help you pass your exam.

What you learn

RPAS Airframes and Systems
RPAS Operations and Best Practices
Aviation Fundamentals
Aviation Weather
Aviation Human Factors
Aviation VHF Radio

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The Aerobotika RPAS Textbook
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Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1About this course
Lecture 2RPAS Textbooks
Lecture 3About this website
Lecture 4Other courses
Section 2RPAS Airframes and Systems
Lecture 5History of Drones
Lecture 6Airframes
Lecture 7RPAS Components
Lecture 8Instrumentation and Autopilots
Lecture 9Datalinks and Control
Lecture 10Maintenance
Section 3Human Factors
Lecture 11Introduction
Lecture 12Physiology
Lecture 13Psychology
Section 4Theory of Flight
Lecture 14How planes fly
Lecture 15Aerofoils
Lecture 16The fouir forces
Lecture 17Wing Design
Lecture 18Axes, Movements, and Attitudes
Lecture 19Flight Controls
Lecture 20Stability
Lecture 21Helicopter aerodynamics
Section 5Aviation Fundamentals
Lecture 22Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs)
Lecture 23Airports and Aerodromes
Lecture 24Airspace
Lecture 25Charts
Lecture 26Canadian Flight Supplement (CFS)
Lecture 27NOTAM
Section 6Drone Regulations
Lecture 28Essentials
Lecture 29Permits and Exams
Lecture 30Aircraft Requirements
Lecture 31Visual Line Of Sight (VLOS)
Lecture 32
Lecture 33Coexisting with aviation
Lecture 34Human factors
Lecture 35Regulations 8
Lecture 36Regulations 10
Section 7Aviation Weather
Lecture 37Atmosphere and Pressure
Lecture 38Temperature
Lecture 39Wind
Lecture 40Turblulence
Lecture 41Moisture
Lecture 42Clouds
Lecture 43Storms
Lecture 44Icing
Lecture 45Information sources and tools
Section 8RPAS Operations
Lecture 46Pre-flight planning
Lecture 47Flight operation
Lecture 48Post-flight