Survey, Mapping, and 3D Modelling

Our highly specialized aerial geomatics team is ready to fly world class drone technology to complete your mapping or surveying project anywhere on earth within 48 hours.

Drone Mapping Process

On a high level, drone mapping is a very simple process. Here is a quick look at what our team does when they have arrived on site to perform a survey for you.

Ground Control

High accuracy survey grade GPS systems are used to create visual reference points on the ground. Ground control points help in post processing to identify exact points within the images to ensure that the data is truly survey grade

Data Collection Flights

The aircraft is programmed with a flight plan to fly a grid over the subject area. We then launch the aircraft and it automatically flies the grid, snapping photos as it reaches pre-programmed waypoints.

Data Processing

After the flight is complete, we load the data from the mapping drone into our software to verify it’s quality before we leave the site. Once we have data that meets our quality standards, we go back to our office to process the data.


We use the ortho images and 3D models to create the final products for you. See here for a list of available products.


Our geomatics birds

The Aerobotika geomatics fleet ranges in capability from 25 to 1000 acres per flight. Some with low and slow capabilities and some meant to fly much higher and longer. 

Check out our PM81, and our PF11 – perfect for agriculture, and geomatics. 

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Geomatics specific payloads

Our geomatics payloads range from small point and shoot camera conversions to full a full LiDAR solution with dual high resolution cameras.