Flight Review Training

Flight Review Training

2-day course preparing you to fly operationally and pass your Flight Review.

Day 1

Site survey and other preparation in a workshop format where each student completes their own test site survey in a classroom

Day 2

On the second day we go to the field and demonstrate a site survey in great detail. We show passes and failures, and explain everything that we are doing and why.

A student will

  • Learn the process
  • Learn the tools
  • Create a site survey

Duration: 2 days 16hr


  1. Choose date and location
  2. Process Order
  3. Attend the Operations course.
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The Aerobotika Flight Review Prep Course is designed to help you pass the Canadain Flight Review and is the ultimate professional development for hands-on drone operations. Take advantage of years of operations experience from our instructors that have run large scale RPAS (drone) operations in many demanding situations for large clients across the globe.

Together we plan and execute real RPAS operations modelled around your needs from start to finish. We walk through all of the details that you need to become the best team that your clients will trust as the safest and most competent operators available.

Day 1

The first day is spent in the classroom planning the mission and reviewing all of the planning processes in detail.

  • The operations manual
  • The customer
  • Evaluating the mission and signoff
  • Lunch
  • Mission planning
  • Site Plan
  • Pack and prep

Day 2

On the second day, we execute the real mission that we had previously planned. Walking you through what is required in the Flight Review

  • Final check
  • Transit to the site
  • Site evaluation and setup
  • Equipment check
  • Lunch
  • Mission walkthrough
  • Mission execution
  • Shutdown and pack
  • Transit
  • Debrief and log