Flight Review

Flight Review


The Flight Review is one of two knowledge requirements for conducting Advanced Operations with your drone or “Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS)”

Before you conduct your flight review, you must pass the Small Advanced Exam.

Flight reviews will be completed privately at our available locations assessing your ability to fly the drone safely.

Flight Review Guide

Aerobotika is a declared 2019 Transport Canada flight school.

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What is the flight review?

The flight review is a simulation of a real-life mission. You are reviewed and checked to ensure that you understand all factors and that you are sufficiently prepared and can run a safe RPAS mission.

What is checked in the flight review?

The first step in the flight review is an interview. During the interview, we ask you some essential questions about your mission plan and what you understand about the site we are using.

Pre-flight planning

We check over your site survey documents to ensure that you have provided all of the information required by 901.27 of the regulations. This will tell us how well you understand the area and the site and how well you have planned.

We will expect a briefing on your mission that should include essential information on the site, operation, crew, and procedures.

You will show us the sources that you used to get all of your information about the area, airspaces, aerodromes, NOTAMs, and weather and explain how these have been used in planning and decision making. We will be quizzing you on this information throughout the review.

Interactions and coordination with air traffic services will be carefully observed.

We will review your choice on how to set up your operating area for groundwork, takeoff, landing etc. and how you effectively use the resources and equipment that you have on hand.


We will be asking you to detail your response to a number of emergency situations.

Normal procedures will be reviewed for takeoff and flight. Ground and air communications will be observed.

We will be watching your command of the aircraft and will be checking for confidence, control, and competence in your ability to pilot the aircraft through a typical mission.

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