Ground School + Flight Training

Ground School + Flight Training

Advanced RPAS Ground School

Everything you need to get started in the RPAS (drone) industry in Canada taught in person by industry experts.

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Public RPAS Flight Training

Flight training is a hands-on experience with a drone. Our trainers will take you through an in-class session introducing the software, controls and aircraft.  We will start you with the basic flight manoeuvres and controls.  We will help you to progress to advanced manoeuvres,  automated flight modes and payload operation.

What you get:

  • Certificate of completion
    2 hour in class training
    4 hour in field training

What is covered:

  • Software (App)
    Hardware (Aircraft)
    Flight Manoeuvres & Patterns
    Payload Operation
    Automated Flights

Public Flight Training are scheduled dates and times. You will join a classroom of other aspiring UAV Pilots at our flight training locations.  Together you will complete 1 day of training with our trained flight instructors on our fleet of aircraft.

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Get legal and get skilled. This bundle includes our UAV flight training and UAV Ground School.