Become a safe and competent Remotley Piloted Aircraft Systems pilot with our RPAS Bootcamp. Learn essential RPAS knowledge in the ground school portion of the bootcamp and then use that knowledge to help you fly and plan missions with your drone.

RPAS Bootcamp Info Sheet

Our intense 5-day RPAS bootcamp is taught by industry experts and includes both classroom and hands-on training in the following areas:

  • Ground School
  • Flight Training
  • Flight Review Training
  • Restricted Operator Certificate With Aeronautical Qualification (ROC-A)

Enjoy significant savings when you combine all your training in our RPAS bootcamp. If taken separately, this training would cost hundreds of dollars more! Not to mention all the time you would be saving by getting all your training done in one week!

As always, you have Aerobotika’s Training Guarantee, which includes free ground school for life once you are an alumni.

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Aerobotika’s RPAS Bootcamp takes a comprehensive and hands-on approach to prepare you for the three major disciplines of unmanned aviation – ground school, flight training, and mission execution.

First, a 20-hour ground school, providing you with the in-depth theory and knowledge of aviation, from air law to meteorology. This portion meets Transport Canada’s knowledge requirements for UAV pilots and provides you with an Industry Canada ROC-A radio certificate.
Next, you will dive right in to flight training, taught by some of the industry’s finest UAV pilots. You will learn, hands-on, the essential flight manoeuvres and how to program your aircraft with intelligent flight modes to begin flying like the pros.
Last, you will work together with your class team to coordinate the five steps to a successful operation and culminate the course with a field-based mission from planning to execution.

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Why choose a bootcamp?

Our bootcamp combines all the essential training into one course so that you are fully prepared to use your RPAS like a pro.

You will get all the knowledge and theory covered in the ground school, plus you get hands-on training to actually fly your RPAS. You will then learn how to use your RPAS in real practical applications by learning how to plan and execute missions.

This is all done in a week’s time, so you can get right back to work or get started on your new career with your UAV right away.

Who is it for?

You!  Whether you’re a commercial operator looking to add to your resume or you’re brand new to the industry, our bootcamp will equip you with all the necessary knowledge and skills to get started on the right foot. All in one week!

Why do I need it?

Training shows Transport Canada, insurance companies and potential clients you’re serious about safety and have the knowledge to follow through. You will not be able to fly commercially under the exemption rules or the SFOC without a compliant RPAS ground school .

Date and Times

Our bootcamp runs Monday to Friday, from 0900 to 1700.

The dates for our courses are listed at the top right of this page. Choose the date that is best for you and see the price and availability.

What will I get?

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate that shows you have completed our ground school, as well as Industry Canada’s ROC-A radio certificate.