UAV Flight Training

UAV Flight Training


Fly like a pro. This is a day of in-depth training with your personal professional UAV instructor.

Add a drone

Optional: Get your drone and your training together and enjoy a discounted price on both.

Add a practice drone

These tiny quads have been chosen because they are the best at developing your skills.

Training Aircraft

Choose whether you have your own aircraft or you want us to provide one for you

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The risk of crashing is part of being a UAV pilot, but working through this course can reduce the chances of getting in trouble. Through this course, we teach you all about your system in detail. In the classroom, we cover the setup, configuration, checks, and operation of the equipment. For beginners, we develop essential skills on a simulator and a micro quad. If you have flown, we do a quick simulator check to make sure you are ready to take the sticks. We prepare the system to be flown and then head to the field.

Out in the field, we review environmental factors and go through a field check of your system before taking flight. Once we take flight, we will work through a number of progressively more challenging exercises to evaluate your skill. As we progress, we will demonstrate and coach you through the exercises.

After class, we will complete a practice exercise plan for you that you can use to continually practice and develop your skills to prepare for a future pilot evaluation.


None. We will even supply the aircraft free of charge if you don’t have one.

In house training aircraft include the DJI Mavic, DJI Phantom, DJI Inspire, and Lift Robotics PM41.

Optional Self-study prep course
Do you want to get some practice and fully understand the mechanics of flying a drone before we meet up? This prep course can make a massive difference in getting your skills to a point where we can breeze through the simple and intermediate maneuvers in the field so that we can spend more time on advanced maneuvers and features. Also, it is a LOT of fun.


Optional pre-course:

  1. Purchase practice drone and self study prep course
  2. Complete self study prep course and 2 weeks practice.


  1. Learn about your system
  2. Preparing your system
  3. Field check
  4. Basic maneuvers
  5. Intermediate and advanced maneuvers


09:00-12:00       Classroom
12:00-13:00       Lunch
13:00-16:00       Field training



After a day of training, you will receive coaching notes and practice exercises.

We recommend meeting up for an evaluation after you’ve had time to practice.

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