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The Program

Integrating UAS into your operations

The Aerobotika UAS Real Estate Program implements unmanned aircraft into the operations of existing Realtor companies.

Have you already decided that you might be able to see some benefit from UAVs, UAS, Drones, or whatever you want to call them? This program is developed to help you get through the process of deciding if UAS is right for your business right through to it’s implementation and operations.

This process can be as simple as a feasibility meeting or can have the goal of training your entire organization.

It was only a matter of time before Real Estate and UAV met in perfect harmony. 

We are the leading experts in staying Transport Canada compliant, and we know how to showcase your house in an innovative and unique way. 

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The Process

ENTERPRISE ENABLEMENT PROGRAM enables your enterprise to use unmanned aircraft


We work with your team to examine your operations and how UAS might benefit them. We look at TCO and ROI along with industry best practices and regulation to determine if and how your UAS program can impact your bottom line


Taking the discovery data from the evaluate stage we design your operation from top to bottom. We design workflow, operations, aircraft, payloads, facilities and training for your needs


Using the design we begin the proces of implementation. Construction, development, training, procurement, and certifications are completed to the point of a turn-key implementation


Our staff continue to work alongside yours to make sure that your operations run smoothly and that your standards of safety and quality are maintained

At Aerobotika We Fly For You!

This is an image of the areas that are restricted air space. Here at Aerobotika we are the industry experts at flying safely and legally. So let us fly for you, and you can sit back and relax as we showcase your house to the standard it deserves to be.

We offer services from photography to videography. In today’s day and age people consume digital media more than they do static photos.

Stay current and hire Aerobotika to create those stunning visuals your estate deserves!

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