Startup Assistance

The Program

What we do for startup aerial companies

The Aerobotika Startup program gets your new aerial company up and running from start to finish. It is really that easy. 

You have great ideas, excellent industry contacts, and specialist knowledge about your target customer base. We have decades of experience in unmanned systems and regulation to get you up and running serving your clients in a much shorter time frame than you may expect.

We take you from concept to operations in a program that takes about 6 weeks start to finish. It is a completely customized program. You can choose how in depth you want to go, what special skills you may need to develop, what types of business and operations plans you need in place.

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The Process

How we get you from concept to operation


Aerobotika staff assess your needs and your business idea to determine what you need


We equip you with everything you need like education, equipment, process and procedure, and regulatory needs.


Aerobotika staff help you put your plan into gear. We are by your side as advisers and coaches throughout the entire process and for years to come.