Training Solutions For Enterprise

At Aerobotika we do custom training solutions tailored to your group and your needs. Even if you aren’t sure about what you can do with drones, we will work with you to explore all of your options.

Types of training

Over the years we have trained many organization’s how to use drones to make their operations safer and more efficient in many ways. If we don’t have a course for what you want to do, we will find experts and make it!

Course examples

  • Drone licensing (Canadian Basic and Advanced RPAS Permits)
  • Mission planning
  • Essential skills
  • Crew and operations management
  • Mapping
  • Volumetrics and stockpile inventory
  • Infrastructure inspection
  • Construction management and reporting

Our training customization ranges from adding your company’s existing policies to the ground school all the way to full training course development.

  • Custom content
  • Tailored to your needs
Our process

With a delegate from your organization we look at what drone operations are or will be. We examine the industry and the solutions available to you and help you see what your drone operations will look like.

We conduct a demonstration of what a drone can do for your organization. This will be an end to end look at a drone operation and the data or results that will benefit yiour company.

With feedback and input from  he previous steps, we design your processes, procedures, and training content to prepare your team.

With all of the content in place, we start getting the final team together and teaching them everything that they need to know and all of the skills they need to be confident and effective drone users.

We conduct the final testing to prove that the crew is ready before they head out to the field with their new aerial tool kit.

Course examples

Get started

Custom group and team training and consulting sales has a dedicated sales team available 24×7​

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